Why Care Portfolio Managers
Investment Strategy
While there are approximately 250 companies in India who are registered with SEBI as Portfolio Manager, the core reason for selection of the portfolio manager would remain "Performance" and where we focus to strive for high returns by abiding to our investment strategy and not deviate from our core principles:
  • Catch the Stock Young
  • Focus on Fundamentals
  • Investing & Not Trading

Our investment style focuses on identifying the potential multi-baggers by focusing on fundamentals of the company, its business and by applying stringent filters while selecting company and management meet where required.

Dedicated PMS Company
We are dedicated in providing only the Portfolio Management Services to our clients. There is no other business that we are focusing on. We are purely focused on one service of investing in only Indian listed securities and that's our passion.

Sharing Of Risks
Our fundamental principle of value buy is what we apply when charging fees to our clients i.e. pay only if you get value. We charge fees only if we provide value to our clients, yes, no fixed fee !!

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